Biography 2


Queens native, Allah Kaseem, also known as “Cosmo” has accomplished a host of noteworthy successes in the music industry to date – including partnering with Rich Knight for record label “The Bilderberg Group.” He also started non profit organization “Neighborhood Heroes,” which audio engineering to adolescents. He remains lyrically loyal to the game in a way unique to his South Side, Jamaica, Queens upbringing, without compromising his global appeal.
Cosmo, who recently performed at a ‘” showcase, has worked alongside the legendary Kool G Rap, and was featured on a song entitled “Press Up” off album “Introducing to The World” in 2009 (also featured on Dvd). He recently performed at club Imperial in memory of Mike Beck. He has been featured on MTV’s Mixtape Monday’s in March of ’07, and has worked with reputable producer, Domingo [whose discography includes working with artists Amy Winehouse and Three Six Mafia]. Domingo was a production consultant for Cosmo’s album, Welcome to the Towers.
After years of hard work and determination, Cosmo and childhood friend, Ray Luga, formed the The Godz.
Together, they successfully released four hood!classic mixtapes: The Godz, Sutphin Blvd., Baisley Park and Blvd Muzic, which included music from Hip Hop producers, Useff of Handz On Music Productions, L.G. of Death Entertainment, Godbody B.C. of Can’t Hold The Godz Ent. And Don NewKirk.
Cosmo has rocked shows for some of New York’s premier
nightclubs [from Don Hills to Joe’s Pub] with top new artists, and as well as Streets Mos Magazine’s 24 Hours of Hip Hop Street Conference in Harlem, garnering notoriety from celebrity judges, fans and various international media publications. Cosmo has also ghost written songs for NYC’s POWER 105.1 DJ personality, Cheri Martinez. Cosmo is currently working with Brooklyn/Brownsville Mc/Singer D.V. Alias Khryst & His label Dgsup Inc.
Cosmo’s dedicated grind has recently earned the interest of major
and indie label bosses. And now with the formation of his record label AK-AR records who he shares ownership with his real brother and new super producer GODBODY B.C. They are a force to be reckoned with you’ll undoubtedly hear more from this artist in the immediate future, but feel free to visit for a sneak preview of what is to come.